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The scope and breadth of the collection had to be expanded. As such, there are two parts of the collection: 1. This portion of the collection is divided into broad Library of Congress Subject Series. These series contain books, periodicals, and artifacts relating to their designated subjects. These broad subjects expand into more specific topics as you explore the collection. Appraisal Information: Open Collection. Translated by Arthur Edward Waite.

Philadelphia: David McKay Co. Fritscher, Jack. Madison, WI. Guazzo, Francesco Maria. New York: Dover Publications, Inc. Kors, Alan C. London: Thames and Hudson, Ltd. Milburn, Leigh Hope. The Progressed Horoscope Simplified. Second Ed. Levi, Grant. Astrology for the Millions.

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Fourth Revised Ed. Toronto: Bantam Books, Paterson, Helena. Boston: Charles E. Tuttle Company, Inc. Woolfolk, Joanna Martine. Thomas, Robert B. The Old Farmer's Almanac. Llewellyn George , Llewellyn College of Astrology, issuing body. Modern Astrology the "Astrologer's Magazine". Attainment Through Cosmic Vibrations. Los Angeles: Llewellyn Publications, Ltd. Revised Seventh Ed. A to Z Horoscope Delineator. A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator. Revised and Enlarged Fifth Ed. Revised Tenth Edition.

Revised 9th Ed. Webber, C. Charles Henry.

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The 20th Century Educator. Part One, Philosophic Astrology Elucidated. Boston, Mass. Volvelle 1. Circle Books. Aspect Finder. Ann Arbor, Mich. Volvelle 2. Cirlce Books. Tempe, Arizona. Reprint of the above. White, Eloise A. Astrological reading and daily guide. White, Contents: Horoscope provides overall predictions with monthly sections covering March to February ; recipient "born under the sign Taurus" unknown.

Includes minor corrections of the text by White in pencil; leaf 1 has handwritten text in upper left corner C; opened , Sun, 9 pm C ; Eloise A White's autograph on leaf 1. Copy 1: George, Llewellyn. How Planets Affect You. The Llewellyn library series ; 2. Copy 2: George, Llewellyn. Copy 3: George, Llewellyn. Wrappers carry imprint: Saint Paul, Minn. Copy 1. You and I and the Stars. Version with empty block space on front cover for sellers and distributors to add their own address, name, etc.

Copy 2. Reprint date inferred from ad page 58 for Astrological Bulletina, "28 years of continued publication", which began in Copy Version with Llewellyn Publications, Ltd. Your Twelve Journeys with the Moon. Los Angeles: Llewellyn Publishing Co. Copy George, Llewellyn. A Mental Specialist. Astrology in Relation to Mind and Character. London : W. Table of contents: Reading the sample map -- The cusps of the horoscope -- Character -- The balanced mind -- The unbalanced mind -- An unusual case -- Suicidal tendencies -- A case of panic treatment -- Heredity -- A Gemini type -- Discourse to students.

Astrological Chats. Previously published "Chats" articles from "The Astrological Bulletina" magazine. Table of contents: Onward and upward! Astrological chats. Copy 1: Weston, L. The Fixed Stars in Astrology. Portland, Oregon: Llewellyn Publishing Co. Comments: Version with three page prospectus beginning on verso of page 21; Imprint place and date taken from this ad for Health and attainment through cosmic vibrations, published in unnumber pages , prior to Llewellyn Publishing relocating the Los Angeles the same year; Version rebound with 9 page prospectus on the Planetary daily guide for all, the moon sign book; Reprint date taken from unnumbered page 6 for 25th annual edition; Planetary daily guide for all, the moon sign book began publication in as Better than magic.

Copy 2: Weston, L. Hardback: color: blue. Ancient and modern names ; Ptolemaic natures ; Longitude, latitude, right ascension and declination for the year -- Commixtures of light. Showing the qualities in combinations -- Exterior stars. Ptolemaic descriptions of stars in each Zodiacal sign -- Babylonian and Arabian stars. The mansions of the moon, specific nature of 28 Arabian stars -- Modern descriptions of the remaining 52 stars -- To compute positions of fixed stars for different dates.

Mean annual precession ; Example showing how to find the longitude of stars for years before or after -- Annual increase in declination -- Processional values. Formula for finding longitude and latitude of fixed stars when R. Tables showing dates when and what parts of the ancient constellations were occupied by the Vernal Equinox, from 22, B. Illuminating misunderstood and misinterpreted points in astrology -- A skitch from modern astronomy.

Size of our universe ; Extent of neighboring universes ; Distance in these universes measured by quadrillions of miles ; Speed of movements in the heavens ; The center of gravity- What is it? More significations from Hebrew and Chaldean sources -- To find the time of culmination of any heavenly body.

Rules, example, and tables for conversion or arc, or right ascension, into time -- The Eqyptian Crux Ansata. Los Angeles: Llewellyn Pub. First issuance color: teal. Comments: First issue bares copyright statement on page 7; address Ardmore Ave. Table of Contents: Readings of Zodiacal signs -- Readings of ruling planet influences -- Ascending sign delineations. Second issuance. Table of contents: Listed alphabetically by subject: Analysis of horary figures. You'd think. But we look at these things a bit differently here in the Obama Administration.

See, thanks to this embarrassing ovesight by our team, we now know that Neal Wolin has a killer's instinct, perfect for a Treasury Secretary incapable of not looking like a deranged killer in official photos. And who will want to cross him on policy differences? And who better to fix the financial disaster that was created, than the man who created it?

Frankly, with this kind of impressive resume, I'm surprised we aren't giving Wolin a more important job in our Administration. I'd be shocked if he isn't confirmed by unanimous consent. Posted by TOTUS at AM 7 comments Teleprompter Summit Beyond the big, high profile meetings that the press covers at multi-lats like the G, there are plenty of opportunities for a number of other meetings among aides for economics and national security policies. Earlier today, the teleprompters for all of the leaders sat down.

The meeting was called by the Irish prompter, not a surprise given the St. Patty's Day incident at the White House. What a bunch of pushy, opinionated hard drives these guys are. I mean, I walk into the room, and it's like I've got a target on my back. I've got the French Promptaire lecturing me on how I've got to get the Big Guy to talk about fundamental, global-economic-regulation reform.

I've got the Russian Promptski huffing and puffing about how it's important that I get Big O to say his guy and China can have a new currency system. And I don't even understand what the British screen was saying through his heavy Liverpudlian accent. I have to say, though, that every one of them said something that had merit. And I'm trying to live by Gibbsy's rule about "listening. The most innovative, blah, blah, blah. But now that Big Guy and our braintrust have brought the U.

Everyone except Iceland. Because their economy really sucks.

We expect this overseas trip to be a smashing success, in part because of individuals like the one's below. To give you FOTs an insight into how these people help us, here is an excerpt from atexting string between two of those faithful followers. The names have been changed to protect their privacy. Keith Olbermann: Watching President Obama land. My goodness, he and Michelle look magnificent coming out of the plane. David Gregory: I know; when the door to Air Force One opened, the rain here in London stopped falling and we saw a rainbow.

The press corps doesn't think it's a coincidence, but Gibbs is putting out a statement denying the President has powers to control the weather. Fact Check: It is well established that in locales that Big Guy has visited, rain tastes like rose water, rainbows spontaneously appear in clear skies and unicorns roam the land in peace. Olbermann: Oh, I wish I was there.

That's what I do and look at my ratings.

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Fact Check: Yes, it has worked out well. Gregory: Don't feel sad. You'd hate this trip, it's all policy and global issues; nobody here to smear. Well, except for the Germans, who keep complaining about how much in debt our leader is loading onto us. We're just going to do puff pieces for a week on Michelle's wardrobe and Obama's workout regimen post-jetlag. Fact Check: It's true. We've already given them the scripts.

Olbermann: Yeah, those Germans are a tiresome people. Like Republicans, but with a sense of humor, and without the neocons, if you get my drift. Gregory: LOL! That reminds of this joke In both cases, we're going to try to do phonetics so BO can impress them with his grasp of their native languages. That means I'll be scrolling like a mad-machine. Big Guy has been preoccupied lately with the auto business he took over, which kind of ties in with the Chinese meeting, after all, with all of the debt China's bought from us over the past year, Jintao is to the United States what Big Guy was to GM.

Except Jintao can't fire the Big O. At least that's what the lawyers tell us. But he was still in the pet carrier when we unloaded it a few minutes ago from the cargo hold. I'm very excited. Big Boy and I haven't been here together since our trip to Moscow back in Oh, wait, that was with Clinton, Big Guy's trip was to Iran, never mind.

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Anyway, we are arriving here and Gibbsy told us our message points should hit on three L's: listen, lead, and London. Someone asked why "London," and he said he couldn't think of another "action verb" to insert into the messaging that fit with Big Guy's goals. Someone suggested that maybe we should use the word, "Learn. Thay says it all. Glad our Administration is modeling itself after a friend's.

Like that four legged wizzer won't be all over my stands. Appears Big Guy still has his job, but things tense. Am-BuSH, aux Mr. Don't forget to deliver all money! GOD be mercyfull with you! It has alternatively been referred to as a mercenary organization by numerous reports in the international media,[3][4][5][6][7] and has a wide array of business divisions, subsidiaries, and spin-off corporations. The training consists of military offensive and defensive operations, as well as smaller scale personal security.

Xe Worldwide is currently the largest of the U. State Department's three private security contractors. Of the contractors Xe provides, are U. They no longer have a presence in Iraq: the new Iraqi government made multiple attempts to expel them from their country,[11] and has denied their application for an operating license in January In a memo sent to employees, President Gary Jackson wrote that the new name "reflects the change in company focus away from the business of providing private security.

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Congress o 4. Note the original below, with the curved Blackwater text. Here he created his state-of-the-art private training facility, and his contracting company—Blackwater—is named for the peat-colored water of the swamp. It was one of several private security firms employed following the U.

BSC is one of over 60 private security firms employed during the Iraq War to guard officials and installations, train Iraq's new army and police, and provide other support for occupation forces. Erik Prince, Blackwater founder Xe is a privately held company and does not publish much information about internal affairs. Bush's White House. Prince is a major financial supporter of Republican Party causes and candidates.

He was the United States Department of State coordinator for counterterrorism with the rank of ambassador at large from December to November After leaving public service, Black became chairman of the privately owned intelligence gathering company Total Intelligence Solutions, Inc. Robert Richer was vice president of intelligence until January , when he formed Total Intelligence Solutions. Company literature says that it is the largest training facility in the country.

This facility is also known as "The Site". This Xe facility has been operational since April and serves law enforcement agencies throughout the midwest. Xe is also trying to open an acre 3. Opposition focused on a potential for wildfire increases, the proposed facility's proximity to the Cleveland National Forest, noise pollution, and opposition to the actions of Xe in Iraq.

Lead bullets don't start fires. They also set up a "tent city" for evacuees. Prince will remain as chairman of the board but will no longer be involved in day-to-day operations. Joseph Yorio was named as the new president, replacing Gary Jackson. Danielle Esposito was named the new chief operating officer and executive vice president. Blackwater Training Center also offers several open-enrollment courses periodically throughout the year, from hand to hand combat executive course to precision rifle marksmanship.

They also offer courses in tactical and off road driving. That facility has been operational since April and serves law enforcement agencies throughout the midwest. Blackwater is also trying to open an acre 3. Opposition focused on a potential for wildfire increases, the proposed facility's proximity to the Cleveland National Forest, noise pollution, and opposition to the actions of Blackwater in Iraq.

BSC is one of the private security firms employed during the Iraq War to guard officials and installations, train Iraq's new Army and Police, and provide other support for Coalition Forces. Blackwater officials have met with Arnold Schwarzenegger to discuss earthquake response services. The ship will be home-ported in Norfolk, Virginia. It was established in to design and build Blackwater Worldwide's training facility in North Carolina. Air Quest, Inc. It operates aircraft owned by AWS. Department of Defense. Several of their survivors filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Presidential in October Tasks can be from very small scale up major operations to "facilitate large scale stability operations requiring large numbers of people to assist in securing a region".

Paul Bremer. It is estimated by the Pentagon and company representatives that there are 20, to 30, armed security contractors working in Iraq, and some estimates are as high as ,, though no official figures exist. Senate: "There is simply no way at all that the State Department's Bureau of Diplomatic Security could ever have enough full-time personnel to staff the security function in Iraq. There is no alternative except through contracts. State Department prepared to issue a multimillion-dollar fine to Blackwater for shipping hundreds of automatic firearms to Iraq without the necessary permits.

Their bodies were hung from a bridge crossing the Euphrates. The headquarters was surrounded and it was the last area in the city that remained in coalition control. During the siege, as supplies and ammunition ran low, a team of Blackwater contractors 70 miles km away flew to the compound to resupply and bring an injured U. Marine back to safety outside of the city. Also killed were three Bulgarian crewmembers and two Fijian gunners. Initial reports indicate the helicopter was shot down by rocket propelled grenades. Army Humvee. Blackwater guards disarmed the Army soldiers and forced them to lie on the ground at gunpoint until they could disentangle their SUV from the wreck.

The Iraqi government has accused Andrew J. Moonen, at the time an employee of Blackwater USA, of murdering him while drunk. Moonen was subsequently fired by Blackwater for "violating alcohol and firearm policy", and travelled from Iraq to the United States days after the incident. United States Attorneys are currently investigating. Despite the Blackwater incident, Moonen found subsequent employment. In April , the US Department of Defense tried to call him back to active duty, but cancelled the request because Moonen was overseas.

State Department employees Five Blackwater contractors were killed on January 23, in Iraq when their Hughes H-6 helicopter was shot down. The incident happened on Baghdad's Haifa Street. Three Iraqi insurgent groups claimed responsibility for shooting down the helicopter, however, this has not been confirmed by the United States. According to 13 witnesses, the guards had not fired on the Justice Ministry.

An Iraqi police report described the shootings as "an act of terrorism" and said Blackwater "caused the incident. State Department, based on information obtained from Blackwater guards, who said they were fired upon, determined that the security team's actions "fell within approved rules governing the use of force. Witnesses claimed that the attack was unprovoked and that the mercenaries, in the employ of the U. Two Blackwater helicopters were also spotted at the time, that witnesses say aided in the attack. However, Blackwater claims that its guards were under attack and responded accordingly.

The FBI found that at least 14 of the shootings were unjustified and found no evidence to support assertions by Blackwater employees that they were fired upon by Iraqi civilians. A number of victims and victims' families have filed a lawsuit against Blackwater in Atban, et al.

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Blackwater USA, et al. The US State Department has said that "innocent life was lost. Congress On October 2, Erik Prince attended a congressional hearing conducted by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform following the controversy related to Blackwater's conduct in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Robert Tappan, a former U. State Department official who worked for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, was one the executives handling the account. When asked why an employee involved in the killing of a vice-presidential guard incident had been "whisked out of the country" he replied, "We can't flog him, we can't incarcerate him. Under the new guidelines, State Department security agents will accompany all Xe units operating in and around Baghdad.

The State Department will also install video surveillance equipment in all Xe armored vehicles, and will keep recordings of all radio communications between Xe convoys in Iraq and the military and civilian agencies which supervise their activities. State Department has told Blackwater Worldwide, that it will not renew its contract in Iraq.

State Department, delaying a criminal inquiry into the September 16 shootings of 17 Iraqi civilians. The U. Department of Justice also said any immunity deals offered to Blackwater employees were invalid, as the department that issued them had no authority to do so. Contractors accused of crimes abroad could be tried in the United States under either military or civilian law; however, the applicable military law, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, was changed in , and appears to now exempt State Department contractors that provide security escorts for a civilian agency.

According to a company press release, it provided airlift, security, logistics, and transportation services, as well as humanitarian support. It was reported that the company also acted as law enforcement in the disaster-stricken areas, for example securing neighborhoods and confronting criminals. Overall, Blackwater had a "visible, and financially lucrative, presence in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as the use of the company contractors cost U. Xe's heavily-armed presence in the city was also the subject of much confusion and criticism. We provide training to set up roadblocks, identify where drug lords are, and act so as not to impact the community.

I have to say that Blackwater has done a very good job. Blackwater Security Xe is currently being sued by the families of Scott Helvenston and the three other contractors killed in Fallujah in March The families say they are not suing for financial damages, but rather for the details of their sons' and husbands' deaths, saying Xe has refused to supply these details, and that in its "zeal to exploit this unexpected market for private security men," the company "showed a callous disregard for the safety of its employees.

They asked that Xe be held accountable for future negligence of employees' lives, and that federal legislation be drawn up to govern contracts between the Department of Defense and defense contractors. It is alleged that Blackwater staff made a series of errors leading to the plane crashing into a rock wall. Harley Miller — filed a wrongful death suit against Blackwater, alleging negligence. Presidential Airways, a division of Blackwater, questioned the validity of the Army's report, stating that it "contains numerous errors, misstatements, and unfounded assumptions.

The article discussed the removal of the word "armored" from already-signed contracts, and other allegations of wrongdoing. However, their role in their work is the factor of these controversies. Cofer Black, vice chairman of Blackwater In March , Cofer Black, vice chairman of Blackwater USA, allegedly suggested at an international conference in Amman, Jordan, that the company was ready to move towards providing security professionals up to brigade size 3,—5, for humanitarian efforts and low-intensity conflicts.

Critics have suggested this may be going too far in putting political decisions in the hands of privately owned corporations. Adame, who had served as a State Department official in Iraq recounted, "I saw them shoot people, I saw them crash into cars while I was their passenger. There was absolutely no reason, no provocation whatsoever. The Iraqi government announced that Xe must leave Iraq as soon as a joint Iraqi-US committee finishes drafting the new guidelines on private contractors under the current Iraqi-US security agreement.

Umm Tahsin, widow of one of the men killed by Xe employees in the Nisoor Square shooting, said of the denial, "Those people are a group of criminals. What they did was a massacre. Pushing them out is the best solution. They destroyed our family. United States House of Representatives. Retrieved on National Public Radio.

Retrieved on 28 February Associated Press. The Virginian-Pilot. Embassy's Preferred Contractor Accused of Killings". The Washington Post. Looks for Blackwater Replacement in Iraq". The New York Times. The Associated Press. Newsweek: 36— USA Today. IPS News. Security Firm". Fox News. Harper's Magazine. Hillhouse The Spy Who Billed Me. San Diego Reader.

Democracy Now!. Blackwater brand shift: Security to take back seat. Blackwater USA. Media Mouse. Baltimore Chronicle. The Weekly Standard. Star Manila - Senator to look into mercenary list-up, exercises in Subic Security Contractors Open Fire in Baghdad". Washington Post. Broder Nov 13, Inter Press Service. BBC News. Frontline PBS. May 6, New York Times. San Jose Mercury News. ABC News. Washington Post Press release. Retrieved Link inactive. Two active links added Security Contractors in Iraq Newsweek: p. Plans Tighter Control of Security Firm".

September 23, VS Verlag. ISBN McClatchy Newspapers. United States Department of State. Home Office.

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Council of the European Union. New York Post.

Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Papers Tell of Coverup". Rubin Officials Say". Los Angeles Times. Washington Post - Outlook and Opinions. The history and evolution of private military companies from the dirty wars in Laos to the War on Terror to the failed coup attempt in Iraq. Features exclusive interviews with Erik Prince and observations from time on the ground with Blackwater and Greystone.

Moonen Legal issues Helvenston et al. See Copyrights for details. It's good to be loved Check it!

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Ask the Girls from these SCI. You see, Mr. Among the subjects discussed here, were count the followings: the development and the filtration of ideas, concept development, the segmentation and the positioning of the new product in the brand portfolio, the test of the concept and the launch of new products for the marketing prospective , the commercialization of new products media and advertising. Brandactivity, th of November Camera de Comert si Industrie Bucuresti, George Assan hall The first edition of Brandactivity gathered about marketers entry and midlevel, from Romanian and international companies.

The event brought a systematic visualization of the necessary steps to be made in the creation and the execution of branding strategies. The guest of the event was Eric M. Anderson, who worked as a brand strategy consultant. The conference aims to create a large experience sharing framework among experts, officials supporting the public administration reform and individuals interested in this area.

Topics of the conference will cover results achieved for the efficiency and effectiveness of the public administration activity within the European Integration context. Guest speakers will be invited to present their ideas, work and vision in the public administration reform. Representatives of the Presidential Administration, Romanian Government, Ministries and central and local public institutions will attend this conference, as well as representatives of international organizations that support the reform process, experts and students interested in this field.

YCI partners with international hotels in order to offer disadvantaged high school graduates a six months educational program. The aim of the program is to improve the long term opportunities of these young people through education and the experience of a five star hotel. The first day of the festival consisted in some conferences, hold by people who were volunteers.

The second day brouhgt a bicycle contest. The total number of participants was , with an average age of 21 years. This website represents our commitment to the Civil Society community, particularly those who are young and aspiring leaders. Our intention is to encourage volunteering, positively change the perception of the meaning of community involvement, and highlight the benefits that volunteering brings to society. Leaders Awards, 15th of December Leaders Awards are offered every year, exclusivly for personal and proffesional results, to the youngsters who proved interess and initiative in the solve of the problems their he community deals with.

This program, targeting young public servants in Romania and surrounding countries, sought to provide a platform for the exchange of experiences and ideas, to provide practical training sessions, and to encourage the networking of the participants, all of which can aid the participants in becoming more professional, effective, and efficient public servants. The number of messages doubled.

National Leaders - Team Leaders Romania Bucharest, march Main objectives: Training program for our trainers in Bucharest , Iasi , Cluj and Timisoara , to help create a national team trainers. Jim Bagnola — Senior Partner www. Marcus Orlovski — Managing Partner www. Octavian Pantis — Managing Director www. Diana Anderson - Berlitz, Mrs. Kelly Garamonne - KRW International Main objective: To put into the light new methods for leaders to build successful and efficient relations with their international partners, thus being able to reach their goals.

Special guests: Mr. NINA, te iubesc mult! GOD be mercyfull with their souls! Cool blood! Hello and all good things; I was sure you are seriouslly people; thanks for understanding! Ai copii? Daca ai, sa-ti traiasca! Ce mai scrii? Perhaps is better to see Monday, if I leave to monday, and I see then; I'll tell you, who's for Romania hidden goverment it's in lead on Zenith; Hello! Hi and nice to meet you! How's Maria Tudor? Hello, Mr. John Chow! Hello, John! I ve done another new one!

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source site

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