Gemini love astrology february 2020

According to the Love Horoscope , the new year can bring the chance of a great romance for you. Lord of the 4th house, considered to represent relationships and romance, Venus is present with Saturn, Sun, and Ketu in the 7th house and this will create circumstances of a blissful time in your relationship. Although, at the beginning of the year you can face some ups and downs in your romantic life. Your partner's health can be your biggest concern and this will require you to take care of them as well as yourself.


This year you will be very good with your decision-making capabilities. It is possible that there is no dilemma in your mind about a life partner and you have finally set your heart on one. Lord of the zodiac, Mercury is present in the 7th house and is fully cooperating with your zodiac sign at the beginning of the year , but due to Venus being in the 8th house, you need to be cautious about your life partner's health.

By spending time with your partner, and expressing your love towards them will make your relationship even sweeter and blessed.

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However, the 7th house will be occupied by the presence of Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Ketu, and Saturn affecting your personal life. Emotionally, you will experience a whirlwind of emotions, sometimes being extremely happy and sometimes too tensed. If you control your ego, then your love life can be a little bit better.

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The time will be very good for unmarried people as Ketu will move to the 7th house. Those who had been facing any kind of obstruction in their relationships for a long time will finally find peace. Jupiter nudges you to stretch outside your comfort zone and take an emotional gamble. Keep an open mind and you could meet someone wildly different than your usual type or click with a person you meet while traveling, taking a workshop or doing something far outside your comfort zone. Key Dates: November 5: Mars-Pluto square Watch for a double standard during this passionate face-off.

While lusty Mars is heating up your romance zone, today he locks horns with manipulative Pluto in your possessive eighth house. This could drive up drama or provoke old trust issues. Breathe before you fly off the handle or fling accusations—this hotheaded opposition could definitely make you paranoid. Cleanup time!

Plow through those 4, unchecked emails and free up some hard disk space. Get back on a regular sleep and exercise schedule. This stressful, signal-scrambling transit can make it hard to stay organized and on top of the details.

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Breathe through the delays and red tape that are par for the course. And treat yourself to a much-needed break at the November 12 Taurus new moon, which is in your twelfth house of rest and completions. On November 19, go-getter Mars will zoom into Scorpio and your productive sixth house for the rest of the year, which will further underscore the need for self-care. There will be a LOT of little things to juggle and you could get overwhelmed keeping up with all the work.

Set a goal for yourself to bullseye and follow it like the North Star. The sixth house rules helpful people, so delegate, outsource and call in backup! Mars energy can trigger frustration, so be explicit from the get-go about your needs and expectations. Partner up for the win on November 22, when the Sun enters Sagittarius and your companionship zone for a month. Lean on people whose skillsets complement yours and look for ways you can create a win-win.

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This auspicious lunar moment energizes your closest ties and breathes new life into your bonds. Infuse your mundane tasks with meaning where you can. For example, listen to a guided meditation before diving into a heavy-thinking project. Bring some plants and crystals into your workspace to amp up the vibration. Type keyword s to search.

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    Scorpio Illustrated PopSocket. Rules the 3rd house. Ruled by Mercury. Gemini explores the world with its mind and communicates and shares the things it sees and learns. It is expansive, fast moving and expressive. It is friendly, communicative and light hearted at its best. Weaknesses include: Nervous tension, fickleness, inability to focus and tendency to skim the surface of things and miss their depths.

    Fundamental changes will occur in the home and family life. There will be numerous problems, discussion and the main reproach that you are not fulfilling your responsibilities. It is better to solve your problems from the beginning, to maintain open communication so you can avoid major conflicts. Your career will also suffer some unexpected changes. Sometimes you will be taken by surprise, and you will not be able to figure out what direction to go.

    It is possible to change your activity domain, and it is recommended signing up for some profile courses. Personal changes will also appear, so at the end of the following year, you will adopt new values and principles. All there numerous changes will determine you to become colder, more lucid, and more prudent. You are not going to trust so easily other people because at the beginning of the year you will suffer many disappointments caused by your friends or your partner. This month, you are going to ask questions regarding your future career.

    You will try many new things and start collaborations and associations, many of them with great chances of success. Your ideas will be regarded with skepticism by your superiors. A promotion or the recognition of your personal merits is possible. You will work hard, and your family will have the tendency to suspect you of some extra professional activities.